About VSNT-Norway


With the support and direction of Michael and Cheryl White the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy opened as the first Narrative Therapy training centre in the Northern Hemisphere in Vancouver, Canada in 1992. Since that time, the VSNT has offered a wide reaching and rich variety of narrative therapy certificate courses to thousands of international. national, and local  students and working therapists. VSNT has training locations in Vancouver, San Francisco, and Oslo/Trondheim.

The VSNT provides the home for it’s infamous narrative therapy think-tank. For 22 years this think-tank of narrative therapy faculty members has committed to preserving narrative’s political, theoretical, ideological and historical ideas and – creating new forms of narrative practice.

The VSNT faculty teach world wide and are responsible for writing numerous narrative books, stacks of narrative publications, thousands of therapeutic letters and tens of thousands of live session hours.

The VSNT is happy to announce our new training partnership in Norway alongside the Centre for Collaborative Practices – directed by Ottar Ness PhD.

VSNT-Norway offers narrative skill-based practice narrative therapy training, theory development, and advanced ‘discovery learning’ supervision courses throughout the year. Our intensive Norway based Narrative theory and practice certificate courses are taught at the novice, intermediate and advanced levels.


The VSNT-Norway training mandate is the creation of a an exciting and vibrant community of ethic and richly skilled narrative therapists. We look forward to our collaborative teaching workshops with the Norwegian community of students, professionals and supervisors.

The VSNT-Norway school guides the learner towards an up close appreciation of the the theory and intimate craft of narrative practice ideas through interactive teaching video’s, live therapy sessions, and the development of asking therapeutic questions through discovery learning.


The VSNT-Canada has developed an online interactive teaching and narrative therapy training archive (dating back to 1990). Our therapeuticconversations.tv site offers CE approved accredited videos, lectures, live counselling sessions, interactive interviews, webcasts and workshops. The therapeuticconversations.tv live channel will be made available to members who join our community to upgrade their skills and learn from an international group of Narrative Therapists . Please visit therapeuticconversations.tv and become part of our mailing list to stay informed. Coming in November 2014.

The VSNT-Canada hosts the annual Therapeutic Conversations Conference. The desire is to have Norway host the TC narrative conference in the future. The TC conference is designed for fun, connection and stretching our narrative and social justice ideas/practices further. TC is attended by hundreds of narrative practitioners and community workers from all over the world – who share a common bond within the politic and practice of narrative, social justice, feminist, post-structuralist, queer and anti-oppressive practice ideas.

TC-12 will be hosted at the Coast Plaza Hotel in – supernatural Vancouver, Canada – April 28-May 1, 2015.

The conference is limited to 325 participants.

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