Associate Faculty

Rosa-Arteaga-150x150Rosa Elena Arteaga is originally from Mexico City an has been working in the anti-violence field in Vancouver for over twelve years. Her wide sweeping practice knowledge provides crisis intervention, trauma and violence against women training to service providers throughout Canada.For the last 8 years Rosa has worked as the Manager of Direct Services and Programs at Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) in Vancouver Canada.  Last year alone, Rosa and her  team answered a stunning 10,000 calls. Rosa is wildly passionate about her therapeutic work that she frames in a feminist, anti-oppression, narrative perspective. She is a faculty member with the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy


Geir Lundby, clinical social worker and family therapist. He has broad experience (40 years), in working with families, individuals, groups and local communities. The last 25 years he  specialized in narrative therapy and practice. He has written two books about Narrative Therapy in Norwegian: “Stories and therapy” (1998) and “Therapy as collaboration” (2009). Geir has considerably teaching experience in both family therapy and Narrative Therapy in particular and has held several Narrative Therapy educational seminars at Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Oslo and many Narrative Therapy intensive trainings (three-five days) all over Norway and in the rest of the Nordic Countries.


Aaron Munro is a queer/trans activist and community worker in Vancouver, Canada. His extraordinary justice work with the homeless population in Canada’s most impoverished urban neighbourhood for over seven years – has brought him international acclaim. He is employed at RainCity Housing as the Director for Community Development and teaches with the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. Aaron believes in community-identified solutions to community-identified issues. His anti-stigma campaign sees homeless persons educating jounalists on homeless persons identity, and his team creates beautiful documentaries accounting for the social conditions influencing homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol use.

Rolf1-150x150Rolf Sundet, PhD is a clinical psychologist at the Family Unit, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Hospital of Buskerud, and a associate professor at the University College of Buskerud. He is a freelance supervisor and consultant and published in both English and Scandinavian books and journals. Current interest is on definitions of psychotherapy that allows for both structured descriptions and flexible use; for perspectives that sees medical and non-medical discourses as supplementary; for the development of psychotherapeutic practices without foundations and for a heterogeneous perspective on research. He relates these interests to collaborative practices between service users and therapists.


Jeffrey L. Zimmerman, PhD, has been a major thinker, teacher and writer in the field of Narrative Therapy for over 25 years. Jeff was arguably the closest male person/friend to Michael White in North America from 1991 onwards.  He is the co-author of the fabulous 1996 narrative therapy book ‘If Problems Talked’ and acts as the Director and Co-founder of Bay Area Family Therapy Training Associates (BAFTTA) in San Francisco, California. His current writings and workshop trainings bring together his study on the similarities and differences between narrative therapy, neurology, brain plasticity and mindfulness meditation. He has a particular interest in the discussion of ‘affect’ in narrative therapy.

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