David Nylund

Davey Ny

When I came upon narrative therapy in 1990 – it was love at first sight. I read all the books and articles I could, attended Michael White and David Epston workshops, and sought out supervision with San Francisco based narrative veterans Jeff Zimmerman and Vicki Dickerson – who played a big part of my narrative therapy journey.

My passion led to teaching and writing on narrative therapy and postmodernism. My first article on narrative therapy entitled Attention to the Deficit in Attention Deficit Disorder – was accepted by Stephen Madigan at his 2nd Narrative Ideas and Therapeutic Practice conference in Vancouver, Canada in 1994. It was here at this conference that I found a wonderfully radical home inside this narrative community and – happily have lived in it ever since.

It was in the mid-1990’s that I began delving head long into poststructuralism and this passion led to my completing a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of California – with an emphasis on feminist and queer theory. I am now a Full Tenured Professor of Social Work at Sacramento State University, and the Clinical Director of the Gender Health Center – a non-profit counseling agency in Sacramento serving the transgender and queer community.

Along my narrative therapy journey I have taught workshops around the globe, authored over twenty-five articles and written three books on narrative therapy theory and practice from a post-structural perspective.

When not teaching, doing therapy, or writing, I try to perfect my golf swing, hang out with my recently off to university brilliant son Drake, and continue my struggle to learn Spanish. I am also anxiously anticipating the next Stanley Cup title my beloved Detroit Red Wings win!

I look forward to our journey into the mysteries and beauty of narrative therapy theory and practice. See you soon.

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