Stephen Madigan


I apprenticed close up with David Epston and Michael White for the majority of my therapeutic life. They believed in my abilities, took me under their wing, taught me the craft, let me live in their homes and – showed me the beauty of their narrative therapy practice.

The focus of narrative theory and therapy practice they taught me was a concentration on relational discourse, the cultural politics of problem and person making, therapeutic letter writing, anti-individualism and a deep appreciation for counter-storying the lost, forgotten and the possible.

* Stephen Madigan is the Director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy and holds an MSW as well as an MSc and PhD in Couple and Family Therapy.

*  The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) recently honored Stephen with their Distinguished Award for Innovative Practice in Couple and Family Therapy Theory and Practice.

* In 2011, the APA  (American Psychological Association)  published Stephen’s book Narrative Therapy – theory and practice as the primer textbook on Narrative Therapy for all APA graduate school programs. The book is now on the APA best sellers list (which could not have been predicted as Stephen’s book represents a full on critique of scientific modernist psychology!).

* The APA also filmed a six part ‘live session’ DVD teaching series of Stephen’s  couple and family therapy  work entitled Narrative Therapy Through Time. The six part film series was supported by an eight person film crew.

* Stephen is the youngest Canadian to receive their doctorate in Couple and Family Therapy. While still in his early 30′s (and with the assistance of Michael and Cheryl White), he opened the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy in Vancouver, Canada as  the first Narrative Therapy training site in the Northern Hemisphere.

* Stephen hosts the annual Therapeutic Conversations conferences (, and currently teaches narrative therapy training workshops worldwide.


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