Frequently asked questions

    1. At what time does the training start and end?

Each day the training begins at 9:15am and ends at 4:30pm. The room opens at 8.45am every day.

    1. What room is the training in?

When you arrive at the training location in Trondheim or Oslo, there will be a clearly marked sign indicating this information.

    1. Can I get a receipt for my payment?

Your Paypal receipt is the official receipt.

    1. If I paid by Paypal, does this mean that I’m registered for the training?

Yes, when you pay by Paypal, VSNT and CCP gets a direct confirmation that you have paid and you are immediately registered for the upcoming training class.

    1. Can I take the Intermediate and Advanced Practice training without taking the Level One training?

You are allowed to register for the next level of training but it is highly advised that you take the Level One with VSNT and CCP first to ensure that you are prepared for the Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Please send us an e-mail to ensure that you have enough training to meet the level of expectations for the Intermediate and Advanced Practice courses.

    1. Are there any assigned readings that I can do before attending the Level One Therapy and Advanced Practice and Supervision training sessions?

Yes, you can read Dr. Madigan’s book in the APA Theories of Psychotherapy Series called Narrative Therapy. It can be purchased at We will also contact you with a welcome letter closer to the start date and will let you know of other assigned readings.

    1. Is there anything else I need to do once I have registered?

No. Closer to the date of the training you will be contacted through e-mail with a welcome letter from Dr. Stephen Madigan and Dr. Ottar Ness.

    1. What other places do you recommend staying at if I’m on a budget?

Please visit this website which lists hostels and reasonably priced hotels in the downtown Trondheim or Oslo  area or do a quick search on Google.

    1. Is food provided at the training session?

No, food is not provided but there will be a morning and afternoon break accompanied by a one and a half hour lunch break in order to give everyone an opportunity to eat. Water and coffee will be provided.

    1. Will paper and pens be provided?


    1. Do I get a certificate after completing the training sessions?

Yes, the VSNT and CCP presents personalized certificates to all attendees on the last day of training. We will verify the spelling of your name in person before the first day of the training.

    1. Is there a refund policy at VSNT and CCP once I have paid for my training?

If you decline your seat one month prior to the training you can get full refunds. Until two weeks before the training you will get half refunds, after that we do not provide refunds.

    1. Do you have a student rate?

Yes, we do have student rates for some trainings. If we do, they will be available on the webpage for that particular training. Please note: You must have a valid student ID to take advantage of the student rate and your student ID must have been valid at the time of your payment to VSNT for the training (note: the ID does not have to be valid on the date of the actual training). If your student ID does not have an expiry date (if it’s on the back please send a front and back picture of your ID) then please send a current student enrolment letter from your school for proof. Please also scan/photograph your ID and email a copy to

    1. If I cannot attend my scheduled training can I transfer the tuition to another course?

Yes, but you must give us 21 days advanced notice of this change.

    1. If I have a tuition credit on file with VSNT and CCP when do I need to use it up by?

All tuition credits are valid for 1 year from the date paid to VSNT and CCP.

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