Foundations of Narrative Therapy

“It was great to get so close to the narrative ideas and practices, and to see Stephen’s beautiful way of conducting therapeutic interviews.  I enjoyed the slow investigation of the interviews on tape, and the challenge of trying to find my own therapeutic questions.  Both in the exercises – working in threes with shifting positions, also in proposing questions to live interview.  And I like the way I/we were challenged.” Lisa Hundtofte, Psychologist

“Stephen is a clear, safe and enthusiastic teacher, were his style of teaching and interviewing makes it both safe, comfortable, exciting and useful to learn from.  In addition he challenges us to continuously reflect and look closely to our own therapeutic questions.  The exercises where we were creating questions were amazing.  A very exciting way of learning deeply and practically to enhance our own therapeutic practice.” Per Lennart Loras, Family Therapist

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Norway Workshop Dates:

Bergen – March 5th 2015

Each day starts at 9am and ends at 4:15pm

Coffee, tea, water and fruit will be served

Canadian family therapist Stephen Madigan MSW, MSc, PhD teaches participants the foundations of narrative therapy theory and practice through a close up review of his recent therapeutic DVDs. Workshop participants discover and discuss the historical, political and theoretical roots of foundational narrative practice skills such as re-authoring and re-remembering conversations, therapeutic letter writing, unique outcome moments, relative influence questioning and relational externalizing practices. Through video examples, participants learn through his live session filmed work involving therapeutic conversations involving: anxiety & depression; couples experiencing conflict; children & youth; anorexia & bulimia and trauma.  During the training days participants:

  • Learn a ‘hands on’, step by step guide on how to therapeutically engage in a wide variety of new narrative therapy conversations with diverse people and problems.
  • Learn rich practical knowledge and usable narrative therapy practice skills.
  • Learn the politic of maintaining an anti-individualist, post-structural, relational orientation to narrative therapy practice.
  • Learn the practice of  re-authoring conversations, counter-storying, therapeutic letter writing, double listening,  externalizing conversations, crafting unique outcome, relative influence and many other categories of questions.
  • Stephen presents a live session of his narrative therapy work and participants learn to respond and reflect about  the session.

Workshop Presenter

* Stephen Madigan is the Director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy and holds an MSW as well as an MSc and PhD in Couple and Family Therapy.

*  The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) recently honored Stephen with their Distinguished Award for Innovative Practice in Couple and Family Therapy Theory and Practice.

* In 2011, the APA  (American Psychological Association)  published Stephen’s book Narrative Therapy – theory and practice as the primer textbook on Narrative Therapy for all APA graduate school programs. The book is now on the APA best sellers list (which could not have been predicted as Stephen’s book represents a full on critique of scientific modernist psychology!).

* The APA also filmed a six part ‘live session’ DVD teaching series of Stephen’s  couple and family therapy  work entitled Narrative Therapy Through Time. The six part film series was supported by an eight person film crew.

* Stephen is the youngest Canadian to receive their doctorate in Couple and Family Therapy and while still in his early 30′s (and with the assistance of Michael and Cheryl White), he opened the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy in Vancouver, Canada as the first Narrative Therapy training site in the Northern Hemisphere.

Stephen hosts the annual Therapeutic Conversations conferences (, and currently teaches narrative therapy training workshops worldwide.

Enrolled participants receive a package of handouts – specifically designed to help move their current therapy work with conflicted couples forward.

Upon completion of this course participants will be awarded a 2-day certificate of completion from the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy.